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Site Rankings [March 2019]For eight years, we've collected statistics about UK web sites. We thought it was about time that we rated them for comparison and showed how many sites achieve a full, modern environment for users.
Tommy Flowers [December 2018]The creator of the world's first programmable computer.
Lets Encrypt - Update [November 2018]Since 2015 this site has seen Let's Encrypt achieve a meteoric rise in market share of the X509 Certificate market. Let's take a look at who they are and why they've done so well.
Staying safe on the Web [October 2018]Staying safe on the web has never been more important. Here is some advice that will help you enjoy the web safely.
Hacking 2: Why it Succeeds [September 2018]Part 1 of this series concluded that hacking often succeeds because of complacency about security. This affects users, web sites, internet authorities and governments. So how did this come about?
Hacking 1: Where we are [August 2018]Hacking is big news. No organisation seems immune from it, no device seems capable of fending off determined attacks. So why does it succeed?
UK HTTPS Certificates [July 2018]We all use HTTPS sites and take their security for granted. Our surveys show that sometimes this blind faith is misplaced.

What we do....

We produce statistics about the UK Web: Our Robots travel the internet gathering data, updating databases, collating and processing the results. Their product is a unique suite of statistical information defining configuration, trends and developments across the UK web. Their main areas of research are:

UK Web Business Information

UK Web Security Information

UK Web Personal Security

We currently provide 80 graphs, tables and csv files each month defining status and change across the UK Web since July 2012. The example graphs (see Our Latest Research tab) show our latest headline pie charts. We produce many more that drill down to show ongoing market trends and developments. If you need real information about the UK Web for strategy, security, investment, compliance or consumer focus, we can supply it.